1-Translation :


English language added on  all server content :



- items ,  quests,  npcs,  menus , system messages ...



- translation of all the content of the web site :



Text changes depending on the active language choice.



2-New PvP Zone :



Conquest Isle is a FFA zone, you are hostile to everyone uppon your arival. 



6 new daily quests with increased difficulty : 





I-Natural Protection : collect scales off fast murlocs.



II- Natural Protection 2 : collect scales off deadly dragons.



III- War Machines : collect wood and metal scatred arround the isle when you trun on the quest, Yumir summons


a war machine for you for 30 min , usefull to destroy Zuma's dungeon walls.


IV- Soul Harvest : kill 20 players and harvest their souls.


V-  Dream Flowers : collect 5 dream flowers growing on top of metal tubes, answer Yolo's questions correctly grant you propulsion items 


allowing you to land there (if you have the quest) .



VI- Enemy Fortifications : destroy one of the walls and kill Zuma .Zuma is summoned for 8 min when one of the walls is destroyed,


he becomes attackable after 1min , a server message is then broadcasted ! when you get his loot you recieve a buff ,


wich forbids you from looting again for 2 hours.




3- Three new Npcs :  


I- Enchants-Destroyer : make you able to retrieve some mats from destroying custom enchants .


II- Gems-Destroyer : make you able to retrieve some mats from destroying custom gems . usefull for when upgrading equipment to the next rank.


III- Narnia :  automatic events timer.






4- Braavos Invasion : 


new automatic event on Warsong : Every 6 hours pit lords invade the Mall : you have 15 min to kill all 3 bosses : Golath, Xavion and Magthor


every 30s a wave of felguards is summoned thru the portals. killing the last boss in the allowed time grants near and alivesplayers


a  bag with nice items inside (no need to be in a party)




5- Battleground Gear Modification : 


- free battleground gear is now equal to Legendary 3 to make pvp more appealing even for new players.


- some prices have been reviewed on traders.




6- New Visual Spells : 


Hisoka is finally here on Warsong , offering many fun spells to learn :




7- Classes Balance :


In the first correction, coefficients of class spells have been normalised. major healing spells bonuses have been reduced.


for talents, these are the changes :


  Warrior : ​​​​​​ 

    Sudden death : 9% -> 25% Execute proc chance.

  Spell reflection : shield is no longer required.




​​​​​ Paladin :

 Hammer of Justice CD  : 30s -> 20s.

 Judgments CD : 8s -> 4s.




Dk :

Runic Power regeneration improved.

Empower Rune Weapon CD  : 5min -> 1min.

Runic Power Cost reduced to half.



Hunter :

Attacks can now be casted from melee rang.

Lethal Shots : 30%-> 10% critical damage bonus.




Shaman :

Lightning overload : 70% -> 99% to cast a second one.

Elemental Fury : 100% -> 150% damage bonus.






Up bear form survival and Cat form dps.

Energy Cost reduced.

Vengeance : 100% -> 150% spells damage bonus.





Energy Cap is now at 150.

Blind, Vanish and Clock of Shadows CD reduced.





Priest :

Silence CD : 45s  ->  30s.

Mind Blast cast time removed.





Mage :

Mage Armor : 50% -> 75% dot duration reduction.

absorption shields improved.






Siphon life healing : 40% -> 20%

Metamorphosis CD reduced.




8- Other Changes :


- all Gm event rewards are now done on flamby.


- summoning a mascot doesn't trigger gcd anymore.


- Some daily quests objectives reduced to half.


- Dodge bonus from agility reduced.


- armor penetration and spell penetration gems nerfed.


Legendary Tabard proc reduced.




Have a nice time playing in Warsong !