Starting Guide

Once you create a new character and you login in the game you are in Warsong custom Mall  ->




Patch-W.MPQ updated is Mandatory otherwise -> Wow Error.




You start directly level 80 , / learn your talents / techniques / glyphs / mounts






put on the free starting gear





Arrange your techniques and you can start your journey



discover Mall npcs, this would give you an idea off the server content , the same thing for the Teleporter.



Many farming zones are available and many sets too pvp2-> pvp3->leg1 -> leg2->leg3->mythic +1 to +10



Daily quests will give you a considerable boost.



Final bosses of Karazhan and Ahn Qiraj Temple loot a 



pvp2 random piece, illidan loot a pvp3 piece (legendary ~1%)



at the end of battlegrounds you will recieve a chest that have a random pvp 2 or pvp 3 piece.



Participate at GM Events rewards tickets tradable for interesting ingame items and currencies.



think about reading website Guides too.



Legendary Trinket Guide



Legendary Equipment Guide