Legendary Trinket Guide

1- The item that starts this questline drops from reputation zone monsters : (Ner'Zhul's Mark)





3% chances per mob to loot it



Meet Ner'Zhul Spirit  in the Mall :





2- You must kill the Echo of Kil'Jaeden in the burning steps 





3- Kill the echo of Archimonde in Crystalsong Forest :





4- Find Velen's Image in The Warp Piston : Ner'Zhul Spirit offer a direct TP!






5- Velen will charge you to recover Death Knights Plans, they drop on Scourge Knights in reputation zone (~3%)






6- Kill 200 Initiate Knights in Eastern Plaguelands :





7- Kill 200 Adherent Knights in Winterspring





8- Kill 200 Champion Knights in  Icecrown :





9- and finally Kill Mannaroth Image :





10 - Velen will ask you to return to Ner'Zhul Spirit and to bring him 8 Honor and Arena Tokens To recieve the trinket of your choice :