How To Connect


1. Register a new account  Click Here ! .



2. Get the full 3.3.5.a client 



    Windows : Client 3.3.5.a Us (16 Go)   




check Agree to terms box, choose the recommended server and then click on Start download


3. Extract the client with winrar or winzip



4. in game folder look for the folder data -> enUS  then open the file "" with a text editor



5. delete the content and change it with : set realmlist


(verify that there is no space at the end)


6. Download our Launcher here : Warsong Launcher.exe



if you prefer to download the patchs manually use those links :


Patch-W.MPQ  Mandatory


Patch-X.MPQ Preferable


Patch-Y.MPQ Optioal


This patchs sould look like the image



If the patchs W, X ou Y.MPQ have numbers before .MPQ(1),(2) ... , they should be renamed like


in the picture below other servers patchs should be deleted also




If you still cant connect to our realm verify if there is other


langage folders , if it's the case their realmlist should be changed.



for all kind of support contact us ingame or via Discord.