Ascension System



Ascension system allows you to be rewarded for every rerol with different unique class that reached ilvl 300 (full legend 3)



secondary weapons, tabard and shirt are not included 



2 new npcs are now present in the mall : Yin et Yang  



once the 300 gear score reached you can start the questline 





Quests Series :



1- collect 10 arena trophies (50% on Gurubashi Chest)



2- kill 1000 Headless Knight (Halloween Zone)



3- kill 1000 Chief Miner (Custom Gems Zone)



4- kill 1000 Nerubar (Custom Enchant Zone)



5- kill 30 times Easy WorldBosses



6- kill 20 times Hard Worldbosses



7- kill 100 Players in PvP



8- kill illidan 7 times (Black Temple)



9- collect Class Legacy : 



I - Warrior : arround Utgarde Keep (Howling Fjord)





II - Paladin : at The argent Vanguard (Icecrown)





III - Dk : at The Shadow Vault (icecrown)





IV - Shaman : at Throne of the Elements (Nagrand)





V - Hunter : at Nesingwary Base Camp (Sholazar Bassin)





VI - Druid : in Stormrage Barrow Dens (Moonglade)






VII - Rogue : at Ravenholdt Manor (Alterac Mountains)





VIII - Priest :Temple of Telhamat (Helfire Peninsula)






IX - Mage : at the Violet Citadel (Dalaran)





X - Warlock : at the The Twilight Ridge  (Nagrand)





10- Speak to Yang to Validate the Ascension !



Your name will be annonced to the world and you gain access to class buffs on all your characters



(you can have 10 buffs in total)






And Decorative Wings too  :