Automatic Events

6 events in total activating every 2 heures for a 8 min duration.


(Invasion event comes every 6 hours with a 15min duration)


1- Arena Chest : Pay attention to other players in the area (FFA zone





2- Explosive sheeps You need to kill 40 / 50 or 60 sheeps in 5 minutes 





3- Fishing Contest : fish 10 Moon trouts in 5 minutes 





4- Lucky chestsa lot of tiny chests appear in dalaran during the event.





5- Phoenix Eggs :you must collect 10 eggs under 5 minutes 





you will get Fun Tokens that can be traded for :



honor points and immortal spirits at the Universal Exchanger.



transformation illusions from The l'illusioniste.



fun spells from Hisoka .



6- Braavos invasion :You should kill 3 bosses under 15 min, Magthor drops a bag for all alive players near him when he dies.