Legendary Shirt Guide

1-The item that starts this questline is looted on Hard WorldBosses





Meet Ner'Zhul Spirit to finish the quesy.



2-He will ask you to bring 30 Gul'dan FelFire et antimater






3-you must retrieve The Secret Guide  on C'Thun (15%)






4- collect 200 fragment on Agressive Titans  (15%)





5- collect 200 Kirin'Tor Marks from Lucky Chests (25%)





6-collect 200 magic feathers from phoenix eggs (25%)





7- Argus Shadow Mark (12%)





8- Karth's Frost Mark (12%)





9- Orkas Fire Mark (12%)





Now you need to collect The 3 legendary Cloths :



10- 1st at  Argent tournament Grounds (Icecrown)





11- 2nd at The Stormspire (Netherstorm)







12- 3rd arround a cave in Thousand Needles






Finally you can restore The Legendary Shirt





and get the shirt of your choice :






hint : You can have some difficult quest items at Bjorn