Nobility System


New System that allows you to have exclusive upgradeable mounts in addition to a tag next to your name in the world chat channel



Nobiliry system is available sonly for accounts that performed the second ascension and more.


you can contribute either by in-game currencies or by equipment pvp2 -> leg2.





Contributing equipment allows you to have (depending on the nature weapon / armor / accessories ...)


PvP2 -> between 50 and 150 points.

PvP3 -> between 80 and 250 points.

Legendary1 -> between 150 and 350 points.

Legendary2-> between 200 and 500 points.


System Perks 


tag before you name in world-chat 



Majestic Mounts : 


With each promotion to a new rank you unlock a new appearance of choice for your account.


your mount also gain a new speed bracket 133%/360% (noble) -> 160%/410% (emperor).



unlocking one appearance unlocks the other color variations as well.






Custom Titles : 

After each promotion you can visit Iris to get the title corresponding toyour nobility rank  and the lower titles too if you don't have them.