September 2023 Update

1- New Druid Forms Npc :


Cenarius in the mall offer you the possibility to modify your bear,cat,moonkin,travel,flying or aquatic forms 


in exchange of 200 vote points , the effect is shared across all druids of the same account.




nightelf / tauren / troll / worgen / kultiran / zandalari forms included 



2- New Transmog Weapons : All Legion Artifacts 




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July 2023 2nd Update


1- New Launcher 





You can now download patchs updates as soon as the're ready.



your cache get deleted automatically.


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July 2023 Update

1- New Domain name :  // 


               New realmlist : set realmlist


                New website look. and improved security and user data encryption.


                Password Change is now available via email validation.



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