Legendary Tabard Guide

1-The item that start this quesline drops from Hard Worldbosses





Go meet Ner'Zhul Spirit to finish the quest.



2-he will ask for 30 Gul'dan Felfire et antimater






3- Retrieve the secret guide from Malchezaar Prince (15%)





4- collect 200 lightning relics from Chief Miners (15%)







5- collect 200 magic scales from Fishing contest (30%)





6-collect 200 explosive cotton from explosive sheep (12%)





7- Argus Shadow fragment (12%)





8- Karth's Frost fragment (12%)






9- Orkas Fire fragment (12%)





now you need to collect the 3 Legendary leathers :



10- first one is located at Deathholme (Ghostlands





11- second one is located at Bloodhoof village (Mulgore)






12- third one is located at Zabra'Jin (Zangarmarsh)






and finally you can restore The Legendary Tabard





and recieve the Tabard of your choice 





hint : you can have hard to get quest items from Bjorn