Legendary Equipment Guide

 1- The item that starts this questline drops from Titans  in Honor farming zone.





2- You should go see Angelina in the Mall :





3- She will ask you to speak to The Oracle  :





4- The Oracle will ask you to pass Agility Test : you will be teleported to Agility Challenge Zone (he can teleporte you back again)





it's a jumping challenge with checks to save progres 





5- Tenacity Test : kill 500 Senior Miners (Custom Gem zone)





6- Courage Test : Collect the 3 Easy Worldboss Souls : 50% chances to loot it






7-The oracle will ask you to gather the 4 world fragments  to translate the scriptures on the relic :



Every quest desciption will tell you where to look 



- first one : On a Wasp hive at Silithus





- second one : submerged at The pool of tears in the Swamp of Sorrows





- third one : on a boat at Hrothgar's Landing





- fourth and last one : submerged in Hand of Gul'dan lava





8- Retrieve The will of Darkness on Kil'Jaeden  : 





13- All you have left now is awaken the artefact :





14- Et voila all legendary equipment quests are now unlocked





for every legendary piece you need its raid3 equivalent plus  the pvp3 one and also legendary tokens (Felfire et Antimater)