1- New weekly raid : Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj

You can now confront resistant bosses each week for epic loot and currencies.



2- Racial spells :


You can now learn every usefull racial trait from Muzan in our Mall.




3- Quests Points of Interest : 

added to all Warsong legendary…

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Happy New Year 2024 !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year here on Warsong !





1-  Bonus on Donations : 


for every donation made this week you recieve +30% extra vip points 





2- 2023 Gift :



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September 2023 Update

1- New Druid Forms Npc :


Cenarius in the mall offer you the possibility to modify your bear,cat,moonkin,travel,flying or aquatic forms 


in exchange of 200 vote points , the effect is shared across all druids of the same account.




nightelf / tauren / troll / worgen / kultiran / zandalari forms included 



2- New Transmog Weapons : All Legion Artifacts 




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