Legendary Ring Guide

1-The item that start this questline drops from Nerubars 





Meet Ner'Zhul Spirit to complete the quest.



2-He will ask you to speak to the Oracle to get help,



The oracle will ask for 30 Gul'dan FelFire et Antimaters





3- Collect 200 toxine from Silithus Nerubars (15%)





4- Collect 200 Solide Horns from Duskwood Nerubars (15%)





5- Collect 200 Arachnid Eggs at Howling Fjord Nerubars (15%)





6-Diablo's Black Heart (8%)





7- Kaido's Boiling Blood (8%)





8- Zodin's Impenetrable Shell (8%)





Now its time to collect The 3 Nerubian Artefacts :




9- the first one can be found at Jintha'Alor (Hinterlands) 





10- the second one at Eldarath Ruins (Azshara





11- the third one at Icemist Village (Dragonblight)





finally you can restore the Nerubian Legacy Ring





and recieve the ring of your choice :