1- New Mall :




2- New zone : Covid 



 3 new mob types , their loot allows you to craft vaccins  usefull to buy custom potions and elixirs, new daily quest





3- Rerols Booster :



you can now send account-wide currency bags to your alts , 






4- Three New Pets :



- Yogg make you regenerate 1m hp every 5 seconds (available only to rogue , hunter and mage)



- Piranos increases your attack power by 1M



-Veromos increases your spell power by 1M





5- Antibot  in honor zone :



after a certain time your character gain a black aura and a menu appears : if you can answer it correctly you will be teleported outside



nevertheless, if you get cought using a bot of something similar, you will be heavily sanctioned .





6- New items in web store :



  decorative wings, legendary quest items ...



Changelog : 



- good fortune drops for players with a /played less than 3 days




- Fun Tokens are now tradable at the Universal Exchanger




 - Weapon skins that can be droped from Black Temple Bosses






- New Npc "Bjorn" in the mall, allows you to acquire hard-to-get legendary quest items if you kill a specific number of bosses




that drops them (quests are available only to those who already have the item's quest active)



- Now it's possible to destroy your custom base (for 5 courage marks) after deleting all created gameobjects.



*** finally delete the old patch and download the new one:


and dont forget to delete your cahce folder.


Warsong Staff