1- New Raid : Black Temple  Confront illidan Stormrage in his own territory





once inside you will have the debuff "spiritual pressure" that reduces your stats, your damage done for you and your pet by 30%





2- New Mythic Gear 





3- Mythic upgrade system until +10 



The more the rank increases, the more success chances get lower going from 100% to 30% at +10  (in case of failure only mats get destroyed)






4- Gold Farming Zone :



when you reach gold cap at 215k you recieve a  gold essence





5-Asension System :



Grant class buffs and wings across all account characters if you finish a questline available for every class.





                                           Ascension System Guide



6- Fun Building System :



You can use your imagination to create your dream base.





                                            Construction System Guide



7- changelog : 



-Universal Exchanger offer new marchandise





- new upgrades in vip store : legendary 1 => 2 => 3


- new upgrades in vote store : pvp2 => 3 => legendary 1


Have fun :)