1-New Domaine nam and realmlist :



from now on the new website is : warsongserveur.com


same thing for realmlist : set realmlist warsongserveur.com



2-Custom Enchants : 



New enchantments for every piece of your gear, can be farmed in the new Nerubars's area: this new area will become a new source for arena tokens and skulls.




3- Three new Legendary Questlines : 


      Legendary Ring


      Legendary Tabard


      Legendary Shirt



4- Legendary enhancement :



it is now possible to improve the cape,trinket on top off the new pieces (ring,tabard,shirt) until 20th rank, at 10th and 20th stages the legendary bonus becomes more powerfull






5- Four new spells for every class : 


added new mechanics missing for some classes in pvp / up damages and survival for others : these spells can be farmed thanks to the new worldboss quest






6- New Battlegrounds WB "Mégatron"



Appears in the middle , becomes attackable after 5 min, hi's loot table is similar to those of hard worldbosses.





7- Class - balance : 



Warrior :          up bloodthirsty healing.

                         up critical damage bonus.


Paladin :          nerf Sheath of light spell power bonus.


Dk :                  Rime proc has a 100% chance now.


Shaman :        up proc chance of lightning overload and WindFury.


Hunter :      up pets damage.

                    up Spirit bound healing.


Druid :          nerf dodge in bear form and up damage in cat form.


rogue :          can now equip two-handed weapons.


Warlock :   up pets damage.



8- Changelog : 



daggers damage Normalisation.


it is now possible to trade Honor and Arena tokens.


the universal exchanger propose now to exchange 1handed


weapons for two handed ones (pvp3/legendary)


cape and trinket can now be changed from melee to caster


and vice versa.


Upgrades of voting gear to pvp3 and donation to legendary