1- New Druid Forms Npc :


Cenarius in the mall offer you the possibility to modify your bear,cat,moonkin,travel,flying or aquatic forms 


in exchange of 200 vote points , the effect is shared across all druids of the same account.




nightelf / tauren / troll / worgen / kultiran / zandalari forms included 



2- New Transmog Weapons : All Legion Artifacts 




3- New Farming Mobs : Mogu Lieutenants 



Located in Isle of Conquest, Killing them gives you a chance for bags full of gold / skulls / arena or honor points.


4- Changelog :


New Game interface. 


fixed dk runes. 


weaken boss item can now target Invasion bosses too.


fixed some anticheat false positives.


buff pets are now automaticly summoned uppon changing map.


buff pets can now mimic some class mechanics : rogue/druid stealth ,mage invisibility, nelf raciale.


fix autoloot logic.


Fishing pvp area moved to isle of conquest.


mythic gear is now on sales under promotions in the store


Update patch-W and patch-X from warsong-patches


or use our launcher warsong-launcher


have fun on warsong