1- New Launcher 





You can now download patchs updates as soon as the're ready.



your cache get deleted automatically.


download the new launcher here : Warsong-Launcher.exe



2- Free Legendary III gear with Ascension System







After a certain number of Ascensions are performed you gain access to free legendary III gear on all you characters :


1 time = Chest 


2 times = Helmet


3 times = Shoulders


4 times = pants


5 times = Hands


6 times = 1st rank Spells : blood presence,Master Buffs,Dual Wild, Titan's Grip ...


7 times = Valkyrion autoloot pet


8 times = Legendary 8% stats Cape


9 times = Main hand + Off Hand + Ranged Weapons.




3- New NPC : Character Retriever 




You are now able to retrieve your deleted characters for 100 vote points


(characters are permanently deleted after 30 days)



4- New goods on Midas:





Timeless Stone : can reset your Karazhan / Ahn'Qiraj / Black Temple or Naxxramas Raid ids


Soul Weakening : remove Hard Worldbosses defenses for 5 minutes


Heroism Emblems : Tradable on Warlords Quartermaster in the mall / Ultimate Quest



5 - New Payment Option : Cryptocurrencies 



You can now get donation points via the new coinpayments gateway 




Changelog : 



  • Bosses / Elites damage and Health nerfed on Ahn'Qiraj and Black Temple raids.
  • Iris the nobility mounts npc can now be accessed when you have performed Ascension 1 time instead of 2.
  • Naxxramas bosses drop a bag with mytic tokens lootable by all.
  • legendary pendent catalysts can now be looted on hard WorldBosses and their souls too.
  • You can now enter Black Temple only if you have 200 item level or more.
  • You can now enter Naxxramas Raid only if you have 300 item level or more (no ascension required).
  • Daily quests for Covid zone / Nerubars / Hard WorldBosses now grant a daily token too.
  • Maze daily quests honor rewards increased.
  • prices of the full legendary II and III reduced to 80 and 140 donation points.




dont forget to delete your cache folder and download the latest patchs on :

Warsong - Patchs 


or use the new launcher





Have fun :)