Merry Christmas on Warsong :)



1- 2022 gift :



Mary offer for a limited time (until 02/01/2022 midnight) a box with usefull items (currencies,magic leathers, mascot tokens,


mount tokens and wings if you're lucky enough ) if you have at least 3 hours of played time.





2-Free pvp1 gear :



From now on pvp1 gear is available for free on starting gear npc





3- New transmogs:



Fishing area in FFA mod, where you can get the new currency to buy all those pieces.







4- War Mascots Upgrades :



New npc Valkyrium can fuse and improve your pets :



valkyrion + piranos + 10 tokens -> Power valkyrion 



valkyrion + veromos + 10 tokens -> Destruction valkyrion 



valkyrion + Yogg + 10 tokens -> Vitality valkyrion



they can afterwards be upgraded until lvl 10, all of them got  automatic loot buff







5- Battlegrounds :



at the end you will recieve chests with random pvp pieces inside plus a new currency that can be traded for usefull



stuff needed for your progress on Warsong





6- raids loot rework :



-bosses of raids 1 to 3 loot bags with random items



-The final boss of Karazhan and Ahn Qiraj loot a bag with 100% chances to contain a random pvp2 piece.



-illidan loot a bag with 100% chances to contain a random pvp3 piece and can have rarely a Legendary 1 piece.



- all bags are lootable by the whole party - those bags disappear after 5min.



7-Full Legendary 2 and 3 promotion in web store :





Delete you cache folder and download those 2 new patchs :



Patch-W.MPQ ---> mandatory to play without problems.



Patch-Y.MPQ ----> to see new transmog items ingame 





Vote and validate captcha codes in top site grants rewards at the end of the month.



Have a nice time on Warsong :)