November 2021 Update

1- New Raid : Black Temple  Confront illidan Stormrage in his own territory





once inside you will have the debuff "spiritual pressure" that reduces your stats, your damage done for you and your pet by 30%





2- New Mythic Gear 





3- Mythic upgrade system until +10 




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August 2021 2nd Update

1- New farming zone : War Mascots 



Daily quest rewarding tokens to buy war mascots. the "Valkyrion" : as long as this pet is active and you're not in a party



you will loot automaticly mobs you kill.





2- Loot bonus on passive Titans :



Killing Ragnaros (Raid 3) allow you to have an item"Good fortune" , once used you get a 1h buff that grant bonus loot on…

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Small Update

1- Web store Reloaded :


all usefull items and currencies are now available in  the web store for vip or vote points.





2- New Mall Npc  :



You are now able to transfer  50% of ingame vote points to your website vote points balance.





3- Five New areas and daily quests : TP available in "Daily quests"


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August 2021 Update

1-New Domaine nam and realmlist :



from now on the new website is :


same thing for realmlist : set realmlist



2-Custom Enchants : 



New enchantments for every piece of your gear, can be farmed in the new Nerubars's area: this new area will become a new source for arena tokens and skulls.




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1- New Raid Ahn'Qiraj : 





9 bosses in total that can drop honor and arena tokens, felfires and antimaters and pvp2 pieces on the final boss.



2- New Legendary Gear III :





3- New custom Gems:





4- New illusions in the Mall :



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1- New Raid : Karazhan just arrived on Warsong you can confront its 10 bosses 1 time per day



they can drop : legendary mats , Honor and Arena tokens and more ...



new npc Muzan offer the quest "Power Fragments" , it allows you to have other classes spells.





2- Dynamic resurrection :





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Warsong Reloaded

Pve Update : 


1-Pve Instances (1-2-3 / raid 1 / raid 2 / raid 3) completely reviewed : you can now solo them with the adequat gear.


2- Nerf pve stuff stats .


3- Nerf Worldbosses damage.


Pvp  update: 


free pvp stuff added equivalent to PvP 3 and working in bgs only, to make pvp more accessible to all players. 

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