July 2023 2nd Update


1- New Launcher 





You can now download patchs updates as soon as the're ready.



your cache get deleted automatically.


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July 2023 Update

1- New Domain name :  // 


               New realmlist : set realmlist


                New website look. and improved security and user data encryption.


                Password Change is now available via email validation.



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March 2022 Update

1-Translation :


English language added on  all server content :



- items ,  quests,  npcs,  menus , system messages ...



- translation of all the content of the web site :



Text changes depending on the active language choice.



2-New PvP Zone :



Conquest Isle is a FFA zone, you are hostile to everyone uppon your arival. 

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Merry Christmas on Warsong :)



1- 2022 gift :



Mary offer for a limited time (until 02/01/2022 midnight) a box with usefull items (currencies,magic leathers, mascot tokens,


mount tokens and wings if you're lucky enough ) if you have at least 3 hours of played time.





2-Free pvp1 gear :



From now on pvp1 gear is available for free on starting gear npc

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New Skins


New patch for improved skins:





The patch X is arround 2Gb , it's an optionnel patch, you can play without it.





you can download it here : 






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November 2021 2nd Update

1- New Mall :




2- New zone : Covid 



 3 new mob types , their loot allows you to craft vaccins  usefull to buy custom potions and elixirs, new daily quest





3- Rerols Booster :



you can now send account-wide currency bags to your alts , 






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