August 2021 Update

1-New Domaine nam and realmlist :



from now on the new website is :


same thing for realmlist : set realmlist



2-Custom Enchants : 



New enchantments for every piece of your gear, can be farmed in the new Nerubars's area: this new area will become a new source for arena tokens and skulls.




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1- New Raid Ahn'Qiraj : 





9 bosses in total that can drop honor and arena tokens, felfires and antimaters and pvp2 pieces on the final boss.



2- New Legendary Gear III :





3- New custom Gems:





4- New illusions in the Mall :



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1- New Raid : Karazhan just arrived on Warsong you can confront its 10 bosses 1 time per day



they can drop : legendary mats , Honor and Arena tokens and more ...



new npc Muzan offer the quest "Power Fragments" , it allows you to have other classes spells.





2- Dynamic resurrection :





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Warsong Reloaded

Pve Update : 


1-Pve Instances (1-2-3 / raid 1 / raid 2 / raid 3) completely reviewed : you can now solo them with the adequat gear.


2- Nerf pve stuff stats .


3- Nerf Worldbosses damage.


Pvp  update: 


free pvp stuff added equivalent to PvP 3 and working in bgs only, to make pvp more accessible to all players. 

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